Housing System
Welcome to our on-line application for housing.

We have the following housing programs available:

Housing Choice Voucher

Click here for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program.
Our Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently Open .

Public Housing

Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
Our Public Housing waiting list is currently Open .

WARNING: Misrepresentation is a serious dwelling lease violation that may result in an eviction. If it is found that an applicant or tenant has misrepresented the facts upon which his/her rent is based so that he/ she is paying less than he/she should be paying, the dwelling lease and /or housing assistance will be terminated. In addition, the applicant/tenant may be subject to civil and criminal penalties. The applicant/tenant is advised that any person who, by means of a false statement, failure to disclose information, impersonation or other fraudulent scheme or device: 1) obtains or attempts to obtain, or 2) establishes or attempts to establish eligibility for, and/or 3) knowlingly or intentionally aids or helps such person obtain or attempt to obtain housing or a reduction in public housing rental charges or any rent subsidy to which person would not otherwise be entitled, shall be GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR. Upon conviction, the person shall be punished by a fine of not less than $300 nor more than $ 500, be punished at hard labor for the country not to exceed 60 days, or both fined and imprisoned, at the discretion of the court. (24-1-10, Code of Alabama, 1975) By submitting this application you are stating that you have read and understand this warning. Documents to bring with you to your appointment: 1. Birth certificates or other acceptable birth verification: shot records, picture ID/driver's license, school records, voters registration 2.SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS ( ACTUAL CARDS) 3. All FINAL divorce decrees 4. Marriage Certificate 5. Most current landlord's name and complete mailing address 6. Employer's name and complete mailing address 7. Most recent Social Securytry/SSI award letter 8. Child support check stubs 9. Unemployment check stubs 10. Veterans benefit award letter

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